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For spiritually-conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to co-create a
New Personal Mythology
 and open the door to limitless abundance

"If you follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss, don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."

—Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Your New Mythology

The great teacher Joseph Campbell showed us that there is an over-riding human mythology -- a collection of ancient narratives -- that pushes us to conform to societal and cultural beliefs around religion, politics, money, relationships, health & well-being  - our sense of individuality and purpose in this world; our very sense of self worth.

These stories, come to us as grand mythological tales, such as the birth of the moon and the sun and the stars as told by ancient West African tribes, or the birth of the ocean as told by ancient Zen masters.

Some of these myths tell us of grand heroism and propel us to be great individuals as we aspire to Godlike feats. Some myths indeed reinforce positive images of our existence in the very image of God.

On the other hand, some myths speak of our base creature limitations, such as all women carrying the burden of Eve’s first sin, and therefore our separation from God. These old and tired myths, render us powerless in this world. And at their worst, these stories make us shameful of our existence.

In my Group Program we learn how to remove these Old Myths that limit our potential and create new positive narratives for our lives that bring us the things we want, such as love, abundance and a direct line to our Creator.

Wealth Empowerment Group Program

Through 8 live online sessions, I will take you through a process that will begin to unleash your Highest Potential. You will replenish & experience your most powerful energy by tapping into your Sovereignty as you re-balance into your Spirituality.

By guiding you through the chakra system, starting with the root chakra and finally activating your eighth chakra, we will identify specific key limiting beliefs programmed in you from Old Myths that no longer serve you. 


We will heal & transform these permanently into your DNA as Your New Myths, using energy work, while at the same time opening your entire energetic system. This will result in maximized energy flow and your ability to attract wealth & abundance will increase exponentially.


As a *Special BONUS*, I will activate 10 new strands of DNA in you so that you can fully embody all of the New Mythology that we will create. Remember that by doing these activations, you are participating in the transformation of the Collective Consciousness, not just your own individual Consciousness.

Isn't this what true Positive Impact is about?

Group Program Curriculum 

Each daily installment of my live online Wealth Empowerment Group Program uncovers an Old Myth and the negative belief programmed in us from that Old Myth. In as much as we are programmed with thousands of belief systems, we will transform these core dysfunctional beliefs.

Installment #1 - The Victim Myth

"There is not enough to go around"

Installment #2 - The Martyr Myth

"I must sacrifice myself for the good of others"

Installment #3 - The Servant Myth

"I am not worthy"

Installment #4 - The Actor/Actress Myth

"I don't know how to love myself"

Installment #4 - The Actor/Actress Myth

"I don't know how to love myself"

Installment #5 - The Silent Child Myth

"I'm ashamed to speak my truth"

Installment #5 - The Silent Child Myth

Installment #6 - The Worrier Myth

"I have to be perfect"

Installment #7 - The Ego/Narcissist Myth

"Everything is up to & because of me"

Installment #8 -Your New Myth

"I am Divine, I accept myself radically & I express my Unique Purpose in its Highest Potential"

What you need to do:

 💎 Once I have received your payment for the Regular Package or the VIP Package, you will receive a set of instructions for the Group Program.

 💎 We will meet online every day for 8 days and you will receive new information as well as participate in group healing and clearings.

 💎 Expect the Unexpected as you transform your old programs and activate new parts of yourself to raise your vibration and invite in a New Way of Being.


Create Your New Myth

and get Wealth Empowered!

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